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Robline Soft Shackle, SK78 Dyneema

Robline Soft Shackle, SK78 Dyneema


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Robline Soft Shackle, SK78 Dyneema

An FSE Robline Soft Shackle is a versatile and lightweight alternative to traditional metal shackles used in marine applications. It is a type of soft loop made from high-performance synthetic fibers, typically made from materials such as Dyneema or other strong, low-stretch fibers. These shackles are designed to securely connect various rigging and sailing components on boats and ships.

Key features of an FSE Robline Soft Shackle include:

  • Material: The soft shackle is constructed from a strong and lightweight synthetic fiber, which provides excellent strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and minimal stretch.
  • Design: Soft shackles are formed by creating a loop using the synthetic rope, and they often incorporate a locking mechanism or a knot that ensures a secure connection. Some designs include a sliding loop, which allows for easy attachment and detachment without the need for tools.
  • Strength: Despite their lightweight design, FSE Robline Soft Shackles can have impressive breaking strengths that make them suitable for various marine applications. These breaking strengths are often comparable to or even higher than traditional metal shackles of similar size.
  • Weight: One of the main advantages of soft shackles is their significantly lower weight compared to traditional metal shackles. This weight reduction can help improve the overall performance and efficiency of a boat.

Uses of FSE Robline Soft Shackles in marine applications:

  • Sail Rigging: Soft shackles are commonly used in sail rigging to connect various lines, sheets, halyards, and blocks. They can be employed to attach sails to the mast, secure blocks to sail tracks, and connect lines to various sail control points.
  • Attachment Points: Soft shackles can be used as attachment points for various accessories, such as spinnaker sheets, jib sheets, and other lines. They provide a secure connection while minimizing the risk of damage to equipment or crew in case of impact.
  • Safety Lines: Soft shackles can also serve as connection points for safety lines and harnesses, allowing crew members to attach themselves securely to the boat while working on deck.
  • Dinghy Sailing: In dinghy sailing, soft shackles are used to connect various lines and components due to their lightweight nature and ease of use. They are particularly beneficial in weight-sensitive dinghy classes.
  • Mooring Lines: Soft shackles can be used to connect mooring lines to cleats or bollards, offering a strong and secure connection without the risk of damage that metal shackles might pose.
  • Emergency Repair: Soft shackles can serve as a temporary solution for emergency repairs, such as replacing a broken shackle or connector while out at sea.

In summary, FSE Robline Soft Shackles are versatile, lightweight, and strong alternatives to traditional metal shackles in marine applications. They find widespread use in sail rigging, attachment points, safety lines, dinghy sailing, and mooring, offering a secure and lightweight connection option that contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of marine activities. 


  • Small diameter puller line allows for easy removal after soft shackle being loaded
  • Lightweight and easy on the boat
  • Alternative to traditional metal shackles
  • SK78 Dyneema®
  • XG coating for UV stability and resistance to abrasion


FSE Robline Soft Shackle Sizes


- Published breaking loads are based on as new condition. Fatigue, wear and UV exposure will deteriorate performance.
- Inspect regularly and replace if there are significant amount of wear or fibre damage.
- Attach to a mounting point with a smooth, well rounded profile without sharp edges or burrs.

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