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Garmin GT10HN-IF Ice Fishing Transducer

Garmin GT10HN-IF Ice Fishing Transducer


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GT10HN-IF Ice Fishing Transducer

The GT10HN-IF ice fishing transducer is perfect for fishermen who want clear definition under the ice with excellent target separation. The narrow, 7-16 degree beam angle provides precise fish and jig detection. The 8-pin transducer features high-narrow CHIRP traditional sonar and has a power rating of 500 W. Its shape and beam widths have been optimized for ice fishing, and it features a silicone-coated cable that remains flexible in harsh winter conditions. Includes a 8-pin to 4-pin transducer adapter cable, foam float and grommet.


  • GT10HN-IF Transducer
  • Float
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